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Address: Savage, MD

Client/Owner: Carroll Baldwin Memorial Institute, Inc.

Established in the early 1920s for the welfare and happiness of the whole community, this historic Savage landmark hosts social, educational and recreational activities. In recent years, Symmetry First has worked with the Hall's board, in collaboration with the Maryland Historic Trust and Howard County's Office of Planning, on interior and exterior renovations.

Exterior renovations in 2019 included:

  • a new staircase and ramp on the east end, resolving water infiltration issues into the basement

  • a new staircase into the west end Library

  • a new HVAC system for the Library

Interior renovations in 2020 replaced the 100-year-old wooden flooring, and involved:

  • leveling the sub-floor

  • replacing the original heart pine flooring with red oak flooring


SRBR Engineers - mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering

Skarda and Associates, Inc. - structural engineering

Bay Land Consultants & Designers, Inc. - civil engineering

Construction Completed: 2020

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