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Address: Columbia, MD

Client/Owner: Howard County Bureau of Facilities

Originally constructed in 1981, this 21,500 square foot center required a major renovation and addition.  The project included:


  • rearrangement of interior space to improve space efficiency and functional use

  • upgrade of facility systems and interior finishes

  • a 3,500 square foot addition


The massing of the addition complements the unusual geometry of the original building while screening new rooftop equipment from view. The renovation simultaneously created a safe, quiet enclosed courtyard.

At the outset of this project, a detailed master-planning effort led to the establishment of an aggressive scope of work for both the addition and the renovation. Alternate bid items were incorporated in order to get the maximum possible scope of work allowed by the budget.

The renovation was executed in two phases, allowing the center to remain operational (although with scaled-back programs) throughout the project. When demolition work uncovered seriously deteriorated roof decks caused by inadequate ventilation of attic spaces, Symmetry First drafted a roof replacement design that:

  • introduced the needed ventilation AND

  • could be accomplished in sync with the phased renovation, thereby protecting the center’s new interior finishes and furniture.

Size: 21,500 sf (Area of interior renovation) / 3,500 sf (Area of Addition)

Construction Cost:  $1,400,000 ($56/sq.ft.)

Construction Completed:  2005

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