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Address: Glenwood, MD

Client/Owner: Howard County Bureau of Facilities

Symmetry First Architects led a full‐complement design and engineering design team for the construction of a new 10,000 square foot fire station built in Western Howard County. The fire station includes:

  • Three drive‐through apparatus bays

  • Space for maintenance/repair of fire and rescue equipment, including SCBA tanks

  • Storage for gear and medical supplies

  • Living areas ‐ Fitness Room, a Bunkroom that sleeps 8, Day Room, Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Administrative areas ‐ Watch Office, Station Office and General Office / Workroom

The design incorporated an underground water storage tank that is used to re‐fill tanker trucks and feed
the building’s sprinkler system. The water from an outdoor vehicle wash pad is captured, filtered and
recycled into the underground storage tank.


SRBR Engineers, Inc. - mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering

Carroll Engineering - structural/civil engineering

Size: 9,970 sf
Construction Cost: $3,055,000 ($306/sq. ft.)
Construction Completed: 2012

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