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Address: Silver Spring, MD and the Pentagon, Arlington, VA

Client/Owner: Velatis of Maryland, LLC

Velatis, Round 1:

Symmetry First designed the Tenant Build‐out of 1,325 square feet in a ‘warm vanilla’ shell space, for use as a caramel manufacturing facility (1,000 square feet) and retail shop (300 square feet).

In addition to normal building permit approvals, the food manufacturing aspect of the plan required approvals by the Montgomery County and State of Maryland Health Departments. The facility includes a commercial kitchen
designed by food service consultant Barry Harden. Kitchen equipment included a through‐the‐roof range hood and a make‐up air unit.

In order for Velatis to open as soon as possible for the 2009 holiday season, both the design and construction schedules were fast‐tracked. From our first meeting at the empty storefront in August to the Grand Opening in December, every aspect of design and construction, down to the choice of MMA flooring for its one‐hour cure time, was geared to getting Velatis up and running ASAP.


MM Engineers, Inc. - mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering

Size: 1,325 sf (Tenant Build‐out)
Construction Cost: $105,000 ($80/sq. ft.)
Construction Completed: December, 2009

Velatis, Round 2:
In 2015, Velatis had an opportunity to bid on a vendor space within the Pentagon. They called on Symmetry First to assist with preparing the drawings required for the bid submission. We produced both 2D drawings and 3D views of ‘Velatis at the Pentagon.’ They got the gig!

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